My Anxiety about Pretty Shoes

I’m one clumsy woman, but I’m comfortable in my clumsiness. I love dancing without shoes. I love running without shoes. I love feeling sand on my feet, grass in between my toes, waves against my feet, or a soccer ball at the side of my bare foot. Being barefoot gives me so much peace. I feel more connected to the universe when I’m barefoot.

I’m a firm believer that ‘peace’ and ‘barefoot’ go in the same sentence. If going barefoot were legal, I’d be the barefoot, hippie queen of Target, TJ Maxx, DSW, and Whole Foods. A co-worker and I wholeheartedly agreed that Whole Foods would be the perfect place to die. Just bury me amongst the produce, he told me. Whole Foods is the ultimate “OM” place. You can’t dispute that.
As much as I love bare feet, I love shoes. More specifically, I love running shoes. My favorite brand of shoes? Brooks! I pronate inward—a running store called Running Wild in Pensacola, Florida told me so. Yes, I used to live in Pensacola. I was about twenty minutes from the beach.

Anyway, I’ll always shop Brooks because the brand provides me with the best support and cushioning. I want to get back into running at some point, but my Brooks serve me well at work. My job is rather demanding (I work at a book store) because I’m on my feet a lot, so I need an excellent podiatric support system. Orthotics give me extra support because I get plantar fasciitis and achy calves, so my heels need some extra TLC.
About two months ago, I decided that I would quit buying pretty shoes. They simply fill me with too much anxiety. They’re just not worth my time or money anymore. Why did I make this decision?
Pretty shoes often give me sores on my heels. If I buy flats, or skimmers, or anything resembling a casual feminine shoe, I get sores. Because of the sores, I’m forced to buy those heel cushions to prevent any further abrasion between my skin and the shoe.

Pretty shoes are expensive. I mean, I can always find a bargain somewhere, but how many times am I actually going to wear those glitzy things? Once or twice a year, maybe.

Pretty shoes are not always made well. I bought a strappy pair of sandals that lasted me about eight months. I guess I shouldn’t have gone traipsing around the town in them with my boyfriend. Instead, I should’ve definitely worn my Brooks. They were so pretty though, those coral pink, sparkly, beaded, strappy, little babies. I still can’t bring myself to ditch them. They’re broken. I’ve got some hoarding issues.

Pretty shoes slow me down. I walk fast. I just do. If I were to walk fast in heels, I’d more than likely trip. I’m an ambitious woman. I can’t be bothered with forcing myself to slow down. Speaking of slowing you down, wearing pretty shoes can make you late! It’s all I can do to get to where I need to go on time. I rarely go places in which I ought to wear something other than Brooks or flip flops, but I like to cover all bases.

Pretty shoes would make it difficult to make a dash if I needed to. Those dainty straps around my feet could work against me if I were being pursued against my wishes. Some might think that it’s sad that I look at life this way, but I’d rather be prepared than sorry. As a woman, it’s something that I always think about.

Pretty shoes are not good for my feet. Granted, neither are flip flops. I need to make some changes this summer. I want to get away from wearing flip flops. If I’m out near water, I’ll wear Crocs or I’ll invest in some good water shoes. The health of my feet is too important.

Do I still think about pretty shoes? Yes, I do.

Every time I walk into DSW, I have to run to the clearance section to see if any Italian Shoemakers are on sale. Let’s face it. I can’t show up to a friend’s wedding wearing my gritty Brooks. My favorite pair of heels is a pair of Italian Shoemakers. They’re navy blue, the heels are not reminiscent of Vesuvius, and I feel pretty when I wear them. Fun fact, I once wore them into Advance Auto Parts. I never got so many stares in my life. Those Italian Shoemakers were a confidence boost, for sure. They, however, are only going to be reserved for special occasions in the future. It’s the Brooks life for me.

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