My Top 5 Favorite Kid Shows

Ok, mamas… time for me to get a little honest here. I am NOT above using the television as a tool to entertain your children. I don’t care if you need 30 minutes to squeeze a workout in, 30 minutes to fix supper without a toddler dangling from your leg, or straight up 3 hours to just zone out and have a moment of peace in your life. Do I try to limit the amount of time in a day the tv is on? Abso-freakin’-lutely. Do I always manage to do this? That’s a hard and fast- NO.

Sometimes I like to imagine what life was like being television and youtube… before my child could say, “I want to watch Mickey Mouse,” and I can immediately pull an episode up without taking more than a minute to do so. One perk to current life as a mama, even though I do long to be an 80’s mom where there weren’t quite so many rules but there was still some luxuries around like Sesame Street playing on PBS.

Let’s get down to the point of business here. As a mother who uses the “tool” of television to get my at home workouts in more often than not, I have come up with a few favorites! Some are educational and some are legitimately annoying, but they all do the job of entertaining my toddler while allowing me a window of opportunity to be productive!

Little Einsteins
This show is educational, tons of music, and keeps the attention of both my 3-year-old and 1-year-old! They do lots of counting, teach specific musical terminology, but somehow manage to keep it fun and intriguing for little minds!

This show has counting and pattern work. They use engagement questions that keep my 3-year-old excited to answer the next question they ask. The patterns and color work in the show are bright and fun, thus captivating my 1-year-old as well.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
I would like to assume this one is a staple in most households. I think practically every 2-5 year old knows who Mickey Mouse and his friends are. I love this show because it teaches life lessons, includes teaching skills, counting, and other educational tools. It is actually quite comical and quite often gets a giggle out of mom if I tune in and listen to what the characters (usually Goofy) are actually saying!

Dave and Ava on YouTube
This channel has an incredible amount of kids songs tuned to a fun little music videos. Both of my kids know so many nursery rhyme songs that I grew up listening to thanks to this YouTube channel. The videos are brightly colored with adorable little characters. There is a little mouse incorporated in every video which is fun for the kids to notice and point out. I catch myself singing along to most of these tunes while the kids dance and play together while watching it!

CookieSwirl C & HoneyHearts on YouTube
This is one of the annoying ones I was talking about but my 3-year-old daughter is OBSESSED. They are strange to me, and if I’m being honest, it surprises me that she enjoys them as much as she does. Most of these are unboxings of toys and pretend to play with an adult doing voiceovers for random toys. Interesting, but completely entertains her little mind.

Well, there ya have it! There are so many wonderful options for online streaming of educational yet fun shows for children to watch nowadays. And if you’re ever beating yourself up about your child watching too much tv just remember this quote…

- Kassidy K

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