Travel Must-Haves

The first time I ever stepped foot on an airplane was when I was about 14 years old. I knew then that I wanted to do it again and again. Don’t get me wrong, I myself am not a frequent flyer by any means, and I’m doing good if I make it on at least two big trips a year, but I feel that I have learned some crucial information about traveling through my dad. My dad has traveled for work almost my whole life, he leaves on Monday and comes back on Friday. It’s just the way it is. In the past few years, I’ve been able to travel with him a little more and even travel by myself for a few trips. Here is the list of items I’ve come to realize are absolute must-haves.

1. Happy attitude, nobody likes a jerk.

Being mean in an airport or a hotel isn’t going to get you anywhere or make you feel any better. Life is more fun when you CHOOSE to be happy.

2. Patient heart, because plans NEVER work out as planned.

I was once on a small plane for an hour while they de-fueled the plane. The pilot apologized and had the flight attendant do a free service on the ground. Keep in mind, flight attendants don’t get paid until the doors of the plane shut. That flight crew was amazing, and the passengers being patient definitely helped the situation.

3. Delta App (or whatever flight line app) just do it.

Get the app. Usually, you can get updates on the flight and connections, and sometimes it’s even how you watch movies.

4. Actual correct sized luggage and carry-ons.

Now, your bag may technically be the right size, but then you stuff it all full where it’s poking out like me in my yoga pants after not doing yoga, and then it does NOT fit in the overhead bin. You will look like a jerk, and feel dumb. Or they will pink tag you, which is fine, just be kind about it.

5. Correct sized liquids and lotions are a must!

They will stop you in security, and then throw them away. Don’t waste your Elizabeth Arden White Linen perfume like fact: makeup wipes will set off the buzzer.


6. An outfit that is ready for security.

Because you don’t want to be the one holding up the line, or the one putting your fabulous ensemble back together in the middle of a crowded airport. Keep it simple: jeans/leggings, comfortable/cute top, jacket if you’re the chilly type, and maybe some really simple jewelry. And the shoes, pick shoes that are easy to take off and put back on, don’t leave those tootsies to the germs of 10,000 men.

7. Headphones that fit your head/ears.

Be comfortable and entertained. Mic drop.

8. A water bottle to fill.

Like maybe a Hydro Flask? Rejoice VSCO girls! Flying makes you super dehydrated, and airport water bottles must be holy water because it’s some expensive water.

9. Know where things are located.

Especially the Sky Club! Okay, that was boujee of me. At least know how the airport is laid out. I learned the hard way that concourse B is not at the end of A in ATL, however, I did stumble upon a CFA so all is well.

10. Be prepared!

 Have a backup plan. Have a phone charger, have uber downloaded, be prepared to sleep on the floor, but pray it doesn’t happen.


Bon Voyage!

-Emily M

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