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    Inspiration.Sessions: Fit4Mom Celebration

    Inspiration.Sessions: Fit4Mom Celebration

    We are so thrilled to share our second Inspiration.Sessions video spotlighting some truly motivational mothers at Fit4Mom® Celebration. Our team had such a great day shooting these moms (and playing with their beautiful children) and learning all about this awesome and inspirational company.

    “Part of girl power is letting women be who they are.”

    Some of the fit mommas (still looking great even after an intense workout)

    Fit4Mom® is the country’s largest fitness program for mothers offering classes for every stage of motherhood. Their workouts are designed for all stages of mothers (those pregnant and those with infants and toddlers) to be able to meet up in local parks and community centers and exercise while their children are with them, usually in strollers. What makes this program so different from others is that it offers so much more than just fitness. Fit4Mom® strives to empower mothers across the country by bringing them together to form support systems to find their “Strength for Motherhood”. These support systems they form help moms realize that they are capable of more than they think, worth more than they know, and loved more than they can imagine.

    It was such a pleasure spending the day with these fit mommas and hearing their stories. Their group was very diverse with women of all ages and backgrounds, but one thing remained the same throughout- Fit4Mom® has changed their life for the better. It is more than just an exercise group for them, it is a place where they find happiness and sanity in their hectic lives. It is a place where they can go to cry, laugh or get advice. But above all, Fit4Mom® is a village where they can truly be themselves and find the support they need as mothers and women.

    Check out our video and get to know more about this amazing company for mothers! We know you will fall in love with them just like we did.


    If you are a mother in the Orlando area and would like to find out more about Fit4Mom® Celebration, contact Maura Rowin today. For mothers not in Orlando, please visit the Fit4Mom® website here to find a village in your city.

    Maura Rowin

    (407) 227-0947


    Inspiration.Sessions: College Park Yoga

    Inspiration.Sessions: College Park Yoga

    We are so excited to share our first Inspiration.Sessions video with you spotlighting our friends Theresa and Calvin Curameng of College Park Yoga. After our first yoga class at their beautiful studio we were instantly hooked. We fell more in love with their studio and practice with each class and knew we wanted to share their story.


    "There is just so much LOVE in what we do." 

    Behind the scenes at our first video shoot at CPY 

    Theresa and Calvin are such kind hearted people and have had quite the journey. Almost 20 years ago they decided to devote their lives to Yoga and its teachings and haven't looked back since. When you take one of their classes, you can just feel the love and passion they have for their practice and students. College Park Yoga is more than just a studio, it is a peaceful community filled with love.

    Check out our video and get to know Theresa and Calvin of CPY. We just know you will find them as inspiring as we do!




    If you live in the Orlando area and are interested in Yoga, you need to try one of their classes. We promise you will leave feeling relaxed and inspired.

    3029 Edgewater Drive

    Orlando, FL 32804